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 Baby acne – Causes and Treatment

Baby Acne – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

You see your baby’s delicate skin break into bouts of small reddish pimples. You can’t help but stress yourself on what it could possibly be. Relax, mamma! Baby acne is a common condition that comes unannounced but is absolutely harmless! Here’s everything you need to know about baby acne.


What Is Baby Acne?

Baby acne is a temporary and fairly common skin condition in new-borns. It is observed on the face and body of a baby and affects an average of 1 in every 5 infants. In most cases, it fades off on its own leaving no permanent scars or marks on the baby’s skin. 

What Does Baby Acne Look Like?

Medically known as neonatal acne, baby acne is characterised by small white bumps or red pimples, most often seen on the baby’s cheeks and face. It can even appear on different parts of the body such as the neck, back and arms. Baby acne may be seen at birth or may develop within a few weeks of the baby’s birth. 


While there is no proven cause for baby acne, research suggests the following could be the likely causes.


At birth, a baby carries hormones from the mother that are believed to stimulate the sebaceous glands, causing baby acne. Further, male infants also experience a surge of the testicular androgen hormone, which can also cause baby acne.

– Medication reaction

Baby acne can erupt when your little one has an adverse reaction to certain medications. These medications could be those that you may have consumed while breastfeeding or consumed by your baby as necessary. 

– Yeast  

A fungal infection can surface on your baby’s skin causing acne. This could be due to the disruption of the natural pH balance of your baby’s skin. Any fragrant moisturisers, rough clothing or harsh products can also trigger a yeast infection.

Home Remedies

If you’re wondering how to get rid of baby acne, the good news is baby acne usually disappears on its own. Here are simple home remedies to help:

  • Keep Your Baby’s Facial Skin Clean

Nothing works like a regular rinse with plain warm water a couple of times a day to help drive away baby acne.

  • Pat Dry Often

Your baby’s drool can stain and stretch your baby’s skin. Pat dry often, especially after every feed. 

  • Apply Some Breastmilk

Your liquid gold has antimicrobial properties, making it a boon not just for your baby’s tummy but also her skin. Dabbing a few drops of expressed milk on baby acne can help soothe her skin.

  • Avoid Excessive Sunlight

Your baby’s delicate skin isn’t equipped to deal with harsh sunlight. Allow natural light into her room, but avoid any direct exposure.

  • Avoid Excessive Visitors’ Skin Contact

Discourage visitors from showing affection in the form of kissing or pinching cheeks. Harmful bacteria from their hands and lips could irritate your baby’s delicate skin.

  • Choose Light & Soft Clothing

Dress your little one to suit the current climate of your area. Choose soft and comfortable fabrics ideal for delicate baby skin.

  • Maintain Pleasant Indoor Temperature

Ensure your bundle of joy isn’t exposed to excessive heat or chill indoors by maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors.

  • Avoid Chemicals

Steer clear of lotions, oils, and ointments that are loaded with harsh chemicals. It could do more harm than good to sensitive baby skin.

  • Don’t Touch The Acne Often

Resist the urge to touch or prick your baby’s acne. It’s only going to trigger the problem and may cause a further spread.

  • Wait It Out

We know how important your baby’s wellbeing is to you. But, sometimes all you need to do is wait it out and let time do the trick.

When Should You See A Doctor?

It is wise to mention your baby’s acne to your paediatrician as soon as you observe it on her skin. Having said that, it is likely the doctor will tell you that the best baby acne treatment is to play the waiting game. In extreme cases where the acne involves pain, puss or blackheads, your doctor may prescribe a mild medicated cream to prevent permanent scars.

Summing Up

We know seeing those bouts of baby acne causes tremendous distress to a new mother. The good news is, these harmless and extremely common bumps fade off on their own, paving way for that supple baby skin you’re waiting to admire! After all, don’t we know that your baby is the most perfect bundle, acne or no acne! 

In the meanwhile, stay committed to the above home remedies for baby acne and care for her skin well. Before you know it, her baby acne will pass off, leaving no marks or blemishes whatsoever! Happy parenting, mamma!

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